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Devon gets ready for Pedal Power with Street Velodrome

Devon is known for its beautiful countryside, spectacular coastline, and its National Parks; so it comes as no surprise that cycling is a popular sporting activity in the county. The majority of that cycling is mountain biking and leisurely rides along the coast, with annual events like the 99-mile Coast-to-Coast, the Dartmoor classic, regular Sportive events, and many charity rides. Street Velodrome is coming to Devon to help introduce the thrill and fast-paced nature of track cycling on the 1st of July 2023.

Mountain biking requires a high level of concentration on the challenging trails and unpredictability of nature; switch that for track cycling which will have you draw attention to speed, precision, and pure adrenaline.

Following our last event in Dublin, Street Velodrome general manager, Patrick Robinson said, "It was fantastic to see Street Velodrome back on the road doing what it does best - getting people active with some friendly faces and seeing people overcome their nerves to master the banked corners for the first time." Our team of Rider Coaches and Bike Professionals will help ease participants into refining their technique, power, and speed to excel at Street Velodrome and embrace a new dimension to cycling.

cycling in Devon

With walking and cycling schemes in Devon having recently received a £2.1 million investment from Active Travel Funding, along with the previous investment of £580,000 from Active Travel Capability Funds, Devon County Council is set to develop cycle routes and schemes to benefit the health and wellbeing of the public.

Also in alignment with Devon community bike reuse and recycle schemes - like Ride On, and The Bike Bank - and Devon's sustainability commitments, Street Velodrome is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by utilizing fewer vehicles to transfer staff and equipment, which includes bikes that are reused at each event.

There really would be no better time to get involved in the world of cycling in Devon.

Click here for more details on the Street Velodrome event in Devon.

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