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Cycling in Dublin

Street Velodrome

Street Velodrome is looking forward to holding its pop-up cycling event at Millennium Park, Dublin, on Saturday 13th May and at Limerick City Centre on Sunday 14th May 2023. The event activations will coincide with Cycling Ireland’s Bike Week 2023. Both events will be an excellent opportunity to showcase the award-winning velodrome and engage with participants across a range of age groups, providing exhilarating velodrome experiences and getting cycling novices involved in the sport for the very first time.

Working closely with local councils, Street Velodrome looks to promote cycling and the importance of living an active lifestyle, as well as having fun on a bike, as some of its main aims.

Cycling in Dublin Facts:

Cycling in Dublin

According to the 2021 Walking and Cycling Index (Transport for Ireland), walking and cycling takes more than 330,000 cars off the road every day in the Dublin Metropolitan Area.

Cycling in Dublin takes up a big part of the local active economy with 25% of residents cycling at least once per week (Walking and Cycling Index, 2021). Walking and cycling prevents 3,207 serious long-term health conditions in the Dublin Metropolitan Area, making it an important issue to help deliver the message of living an active lifestyle and pass the benefits of cycling, and walking, to the next generation.

Schemes such as DublinBikes, also known as NOW DublinBikes, promote self-service bike rental systems which is open to everyone from fourteen years of age. Stations are distributed throughout the city centre to enable easy access and optimal use for subscribers. Each station has a minimum of fifteen stands, making it easy to use the public service. The service is accessible twelve months a year, seven days a week between the hours of 5am and 12.30am. Other services within the city include Bleeper and MOBY Bikes.


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